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Answers to some of our frequently asked questions

Q – When is it best to have a trial for my wedding hair and makeup?

A – Two to three months before the big day is best , as your hair still has a little time to grow should you need just a little more length and you also have time to get your skin in tip top condition.

Q -Birth marks and tattoos, can they be covered up?

A -Depending on the size and location of the birth mark, camouflage make up can usually work wonders.

Q – Should I wash my hair just before my Bridal / Wedding Hair trial?

A – If you are having your hair put up for the wedding, freshly washed hair isn’t best. For best results wash your hair the night before, freshly washed hair tends to be too soft and silky.

Q – How many people can you make over on the day?

A -If they are all having hair and makeup it’s usually around four, but if it’s a larger party I will bring an assistant.

Q – How long will my trial last and will it take as long on my wedding day?

A – Make up takes about 30-40 minutes on the trial and about 30 minutes on the day. Hair takes about 1hr- 1hr 30 minutes for the trial, depending what you have in mind, on the day hair usually takes around an hour.

Q – When should I pay?

A – The balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding day. Cheque’s and cash are fine, but we are unable to accept credit cards.